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From: Kim Thompson-Pinder

Serious MLMer, Author, Coach, Speaker, Wife and Mother
There comes a time in your business where you are tired of the status quo and you finally want the financial freedom that you see so many have and yet you can't get there because you lack the one skill needed to do it. I understand how you feel. I spent 12 years trying to learn how and I still...
Couldn't Recruit Anyone!
My first 12 years in MLM were ones of frustration and disappointment as I was in 5 different companies and between all of them I couldn't find someone who was willing to teach me how to recruit!
I attended every training I could. I went to every leader I could find and asked them to show me how, and the most that I got was, "Talk to people," as if that answered all my questions and actually showed me how to do it. 
What do you say to people to get to look at your presentation? Where do you go to find people to talk to.
These were things I needed to know to finally achieve the success I wanted.
That All Changed 8 Years Ago
Back in 2007 I was approached by a friend from another company to join hers. At that point I was in between companies and wasn't really looking because I had been burnt so many times, but the entrepreneurial spirit in me just wouldn't quit and I decided to join and I am so glad I did!

I found a mentor who showed me how to recruit and the amazing thing was, it was easy! All those years of struggle and I it took me less than a week to learn and get my first recruit. Now 8 years later, I have recruited hundreds of people and have taught others how to do the same.

And now I have the awesome opportunity to show you how to recruit too! Don't miss out on this opportunity to get the training you need to finally move your business forward.
Check Out These Testimonies From Kim's Customers
I bought your training because I know that recruiting is a weakness for me & I was so excited to get some REAL training in this area! I used your techniques & changed my mindset from trying to make big sales, to trying to recruit & build my customer base. I had great success!!!  I definitely have some leads now and also grew my customer base. Thank you

Sarah B

I have to say since I have been following you my business is growing by leaps and bounds. Thanks for all you do! 

Linda J

MLM Success 101
  • Awesome Feature - Learn Where To Go To Find People To Talk To
  • Even Cooler Feature - Learn What To Do To Find People To Talk To
  • Awesome Feature -One Simple Script That Covers It All
  • Awesome Feature - What To Do When You Get An Objection
  • Awesome Feature - Do Numbers Make A Difference
  • And So Much More...
MLM Success 101
No Worries. The Product Comes With A
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back. If this training is not for you simply email support for a full refund.
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